The ultimate 31 CSCC 2015

Have decided to do the ultimate 31 day challenge for 2015. These are the pieces I have chosen, hopefully you will then see 31 pieces completed under these piccies but, I wouldnt place any bets on it :0)

Yet another square on my Zodiac piece

Page 3 on Victorian Xmas (assuming I finish page 2 this year!)

Margaret Sherrys 12 Days Of Christmas, this counts as 12 pieces!!!

Backstitch on Lady & Tramp

I know there are only 30 piccies at the mo, will work out what the last one will be sometime in January

Typical, now Ive got 32!!!  Will be cutting one of the geeky ones for my BF out but, not sure which one yet, going to wait & see which ones I enjoy the most before I choose 1 to lose :)


Well, its 26th July & now very obvious I wont be completing the ultimate 31 piece challenge, infact Im even wondering if I will manage the normal 15......Anyway, here are the piccies of the 7 I have managed to complete so far this year

Number 9 on 1st September :0)

Managed 14 & a half pieces in the end, didnt manage to finish the Victorian Christmas page but, did well, so happy overall :0)

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