Yeyyy, its that lovely time of year again when I get to choose the 15 projects Im going to attempt to stitch in 2017.
I have been thinking about this for some time for once & have decided to include some smaller projects so I have a chance of actually finishing the challenge!!
These are my thoughts so far. The first 2 are obviously my 2 that roll over every year til finished....

The next 2 are from 2016 that I know I havent a chance of finishing

4 smaller ones next from Joan Elliot, have been planning to stitch these for years

2 new ones that I soooo love next

And so loved stitching Alice this year I had to get a matching one from the set :0)

The last 4 are going to be charts from Brookes Books. Was planning to do the first 4 of the Advent Animals but, have since discovered their Alice in Wonderland & Wizard of Oz charts so, not totally sure now!!! 

I kinda added this one too now.......not even planning to finish it, just to get on & do as much as possible in the year :0)

To anyone who has been keeping up with my progress this year......Well, if you have seen my 15 starts for this  year, you will have noticed that I removed the pin cushion armchair & Make do & mend from this years 15.  Im loving the Epic Pokemon so much, I wanted to give myself more time to work on it so, have added 2 more little Brookes Bond Advent animals instead........Also (lol) have now found out the aida Im working on for the 3D tardis is not suitable either so, taking that out aswell & adding yet another advent animal.

On that note, heres 2017 1st official finish, Peter the Polar bear

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