Tuesday, 31 December 2013

7 hours left......HELP!!

Am stitching like a mad woman at the moment, only 7 hours left til 2014 & Im determined to finish The Victorian Xmas page & get another official finish in the CSCC 2013.
Had a brainwave for the 2014 challenge. Ive never had anywhere nice to store all my 15 pieces during the year, normally end up with carrier bags of projects stashed all round the living room, then I remembered my daughter had given me a gorgeous hamper/basket of food for xmas so, Ive emptyed that out & its now my X stitch storage basket, so pretty :0)

Monday, 30 December 2013

The official 15 for 2014 is finally complete

After all my running about & sorting out last night, I finally have an official 15 pieces for the 2014 CSCC.
I have removed the At At reindeer from the earlier list (bought the chart but, didnt like it) so, have now added these 2.......

An online freebie

I am also adding the 'Geek Commandments' a piece me & the BF have been talking about/designing for the last month or so, no piccie for that one, you'll have to tune in to watch that one grow :0)

Sunday, 29 December 2013

Pre 2014 CSCC chaos!

Running around today, trying to find all the charts/kits, floss, fabric & everything else I need to start the challenge on the 1st. Still have to buy 2 of the charts but, have ran out of printer ink....Aaarghhh!!
Also, still need to choose the last 2 pieces I will be stitching for it, really want to include the Thomas Kincade, Little Mermaid piece my son got me for Xmas but, realistically, dont think I will be able to finish it within the year & sooo want to complete the challenge next year (3rd attempt!). Think I need to be sensible & choose 2 much much smaller pieces :0(
Have done a bit more stitching on Victorian Christmas too, so close to finishing, need about another day on it but, only have half a day free for stitching before the New Year, I will manage finish number 8.....Somehow!!!

Saturday, 28 December 2013

Can finally post piccies of Xmas pressies & cards Ive made this year

Took time but, Ive finally delivered all the pressies & cards Ive X stitched for people this year.
The main secret one was the 'Dragon Isle' piece I stitched for my sister.....have not been able to post a piccie of this one anywhere on the internet as she finds me & wanted this to be a total suprise :0)

Friday, 27 December 2013

The Claw :0)

OK, I know I was ment to be working on Victorian Xmas but, I realised this morning that Id been given the rest of the threads to complete my 'Toy Story' claw piece so, I just had to finish it :0)
Not one of my official 15 but, never mind. This was one of the freebies I got from Pixelpower that I mentioned last week.

Thursday, 26 December 2013

At last, the snow has finished :0)

Finally managed to finish all the snow on Victorian christmas. There is now a good chance I may actually finish this page in this years challenge & make 8 official finishes for this year...Happy dance

Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Merry Christmas Everyone......New stash alert, YeYYYY :0)

A very happy christmas to all my cross stitch friends, hope you have all got some fantastic new stash.
My family & kids have done me proud, obviously been checking out my wish list :0)
Santa bought me......

From eldest son, TY x

From youngest son, the last one I needed to compete the set :0)

From Little sis

And another one fron little sis, TY hun x

From Mum & Dad, Excellent again TY x
Fantastic pressies from everyone, TY so much xxx

Tuesday, 24 December 2013

1 more sleep til Santa

Would just like to wish all my stitchy friends a wonderful christmas & hoping Santa leaves you lots of new stash x

Monday, 23 December 2013

We have snow but, not enough!!

Have been working on Victorian Christmas again. Was hoping to get all of the colours into the snow apart from the white (now that just sounds wrong) Managed all of it apart from the last of the lightest blue on the right hand side, still, a lot of stitching considering so I shouldnt moan too much :0)

Sunday, 22 December 2013

Dear Santa, Ive been a really good girl :0)

Like every good stitcher, I have a wish list or 2. Was flicking through mine today on various sites, trying to work out the last 2 pieces for my CSCC 2014........I kinda got rather a lot, how many piccies dare I post (not including the HAEDs & Lizzie Kates Ive already shown you) Oh OK, here is the whole list!!!!

Blimey, was beginning to wonder if there was a limit to the number of piccies I could post at one time then.......think this list is getting a bit OTT......Should I cut it down a bit......Nahhhh, just need to live another 20+ years to complete them all on top of my few 100 I already have in my stash :0)