Monday, 23 February 2015

An unexpected stitching day!

Was ment to be working today but, had problem with my car exhaust so, popped down garage 1st. After ordering the new part & being assured my exhaust wouldnt fall off & was safe, I set off for work......Erm, about a mile down the road, guess what fell off. Anyway, after being rescued by neighbour (exhaust was still attatched by one little joint & bouncing down the road behind me) finally got myself & car home & settled down to an extra bit of stitching time on the BFs 'Goonies Never Say Die' piece.


  1. Oh dear. Hope the car is fixed for you soon and gives you no more trouble. On the stitching front, I LOVE THE GOONIES! This piece is great!!

    1. Lol, they fixed the car fast but, something else blew up on it today!!! Gonna try & do lots more on this Goonies piece between now & Monday, its for the Bfs birthday pressie so, gotta stitch it in secret.......4 day weekend! hopefully get a lot more done x