Sunday, 27 September 2015

Playing with my 2016 challenge list tonite

Have been going through many, many WIPs & UFOs tonight & have sort of made a decision on next years pieces now. Unless I change my mind again, Im adding these 5 UFOs to next years challenge

OK, I know this isnt cross stitch, its the huge knitted throw kit I won earlier this year. If I dont add it as an official piece, I will never get it finished!!



Toy Story 2 cast

Sublimate my rage

Have just shown you the 4 completed piccies of my WIPs, this is where I really am on them so far.....

Lots of work to go!!!!


  1. Well, knitting is stitching so it counts XD
    Love your projects! Good luck with them!

    1. TY Aubs, Im loving my choices too, cant wait for 2016 to start.......Oh wait, gotta finish this years 1st :0)