Sunday, 24 July 2016

Very overdue update!!

Ooops sorry folks, kinda forgot to update this......Here is how Rincewind was looking on July 12th.....Must confess, havent done much stitching at all since, just been to damn hot, Ive lost my stitchy bug :0(

Also, not too happy how the shade under his hat has come out compared to the magazine piccie, think this has put me off stitching it a bit too!!


  1. Sorry you aren't happy with the shading - your stitching looks great, though!
    Maybe it will look OK from a distance once it's done? I know sometimes we stitchers sometimes see things when we keep looking at it up close that look OK from a distance.

    1. TY hope your right but, its really bugging me. Will look when its all finished, may just do some half stitches over the bit Im not happy with to make it stand out a bit more?