Sunday, 1 January 2017

Happy New Year & Day 1 CSCC 2017 YEYYYY

Happy New Year everyone, hope you have all had a wonderful xmas & looking forward to a happy 2017.
Only managed to finish 12 pieces in the 2016 challenge but, quite happy with that (piccies are in the 2016 page link).
Today is a new year with 15 new pieces to try & finish in a year. This is the 1st, which I do not expect to finish this year.
Its the Epic Pokemon piece which Im totally addicted to at the moment so it seemed fitting for it to be the 1st piece of the year :0)


  1. Love your Pokeman piece.


    1. TY Linda, Im loving it too. Dont want to stop & start the other pieces at the moment.....Guess I better :)