Sunday, 19 January 2014

Not such a happy stitcher today :0(

Feeling a bit down at the moment, was expecting to get lots more of this done over the weekend than I least a couple of 'Commandments'.
Forgot how long the title banner bit took to stitch, cant work out why its taking so long though, its so simple!!!
On a plus, watched 'Wreck It Ralph' & can highly reccomend the film


  1. I think that you made lots of progress Julia. Looks good.


  2. Looks great sweetie :) head up you will be seeing tons of progress soon i bet :) xx

  3. You made a load of progress, and remember every stitch counts! x

  4. TY everyone, think I was just on a bit of a downer last night, was soooo looking forward to showing off our 1st commandment......even the BF was telling me to stitch faster :0)