Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Happy New Year & New CSCC, Day 1

Hope everyones had a fantastic start to the New Year & all set for the CSCC.
I just managed to finish The Victorian Xmas 1st page last night (made 8 official finishes in the 2013 challenge) & decided I might aswell start Page 2 today as my Day 1 piece seeing it was already out 0)
Dont think I will be doing anymore stitching on this one for a while though, Im all Christmasd out!

Happy New Year everyone x


  1. Great progress for your first day!

  2. congrats on page 1 being finished and yay for starting page 2 it looks great x

  3. Ty to you both but, really wont be picking this one up again for quite some time, next December sounds good to me :0)