Tuesday, 31 December 2013

7 hours left......HELP!!

Am stitching like a mad woman at the moment, only 7 hours left til 2014 & Im determined to finish The Victorian Xmas page & get another official finish in the CSCC 2013.
Had a brainwave for the 2014 challenge. Ive never had anywhere nice to store all my 15 pieces during the year, normally end up with carrier bags of projects stashed all round the living room, then I remembered my daughter had given me a gorgeous hamper/basket of food for xmas so, Ive emptyed that out & its now my X stitch storage basket, so pretty :0)


  1. Did you manage to get the page finished? And that basket is perfect for your projects :) Happy New Year xx

    1. I finished, just!! Dont think the brandy helped :0) Happy New Year x

  2. I have a wicker sewing basket for my 2012 starts, another one for my 2013 starts, and I haven't decided where to put my 2014 starts yet! Your basket is beautiful!