Thursday, 19 December 2013

Cross stitch withdrawal :0(

This is not good, I have not stitched one little X in the last 2 days, am starting to get major withdrawal symptoms now. Stitching is my destress time, doesnt matter if its only 15 mins, it just works wonders.
On the plus side, I have no work tomorrow morning so, there will be a few hours of serious stitching time going on, forget wrapping all the pressies, this comes first.
Talking about pressies, Im getting very excited about something my son has said. Im Disney mad (no secret there & my son obviously knows too). He commented to me yesterday 'You know Thomas Kincade dont you, do you like his work?'......Oh YES (didnt actually say this bit though) In my mind Im doing the OMG have you gone & got me the kit Ive been wanting for years but, couldnt afford, excited now :0)

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