Sunday, 29 December 2013

Pre 2014 CSCC chaos!

Running around today, trying to find all the charts/kits, floss, fabric & everything else I need to start the challenge on the 1st. Still have to buy 2 of the charts but, have ran out of printer ink....Aaarghhh!!
Also, still need to choose the last 2 pieces I will be stitching for it, really want to include the Thomas Kincade, Little Mermaid piece my son got me for Xmas but, realistically, dont think I will be able to finish it within the year & sooo want to complete the challenge next year (3rd attempt!). Think I need to be sensible & choose 2 much much smaller pieces :0(
Have done a bit more stitching on Victorian Christmas too, so close to finishing, need about another day on it but, only have half a day free for stitching before the New Year, I will manage finish number 8.....Somehow!!!

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