Sunday, 15 December 2013

OK, here it is, my 'Wall Of Shame'

Had a major search through all of my stash & think Ive found every finished but unframed piece. Cant believe Ive let the number get so high...take a guess at the number before you scroll down the piccies :0(

I have nothing else to say tonight apart from 33, Aaarghhh!!


  1. You have got some wonderful pieces there.. heck ALL of them are wonderful. You like disney and also stitching 'isms lol.. I enjoy your posts. Thanks for sharing. I don't have very many finished.. my WIP and UFO list of over 170 is proof that I have "startitis" which is similar to stitchin pox hahaha

  2. Oh thank goodness all your unframed finishes got to be seen by all of us in blogland. Now put some of those wonderful pieces up on the wall! I would start with the killer whale and the Indians! You could get frames from thrift stores. Good luck!

  3. Beautiful work! Thanks for sharing.

  4. TY, Im really enjoying sharing this with everyone. I have to confess I have startitis too Lynn, now that gives me an idea for a few more posts :0) Debbie, thrift stores/car boot/garage sales are where I get most of my frames, its just hard to get the right size when your looking for them, I will keep hunting :0)

  5. i love all your pieces...the last one is adorable!

    1. Thats my favourite one from the 'Wise Guy' collection :0)

  6. Hey, Ive just learnt a new trick on here, theres a reply button to posts, how did I miss that before, Lol :0)